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  • Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

    Ready, Reliable, Robust - IsatPhone 2 delivers it all.


    IsatPhone offers a wider choice for the customer wanting the reliability Inmarsat is known to deliver.

    By making a tough phone for a tough world, Inmarsat has engineered the handset  to withstand almost every natural force, nature has to offer. 

    Alongside the unrivalled battery life - 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours on standby. You really get a product in the top of its line.

    Together the IsatPhone's design and capabilities – including safety features  – make it ideal for the most demanding of users in sectors such as civil government, oil and gas, NGOs, and media.

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  • Cobham Explorer 510

    The Explorer 510 is the newest of Ultra-Portable satellite companions developed by Cobham, it provides the ideal combination of performance and portability.

    Functioning as an WLAN Access point easily connectable through your mobile smartdevice you can reach speeds up to 464 kbps. It supports WLAN and USB interfaces.

    Easy to transport. Quick to deploy. Powerful in operation. Choose Explorer 510 for the perfect satellite counterpart for your smartphone, and let's you stay connected everywhere.

    The Explorer BGAN Series is a well proven and thoroughly tested range of satellite terminals utilising Inmarsat’sBroadband Global Area Network (BGAN) technology, providing instant and reliable voice and broadband access regardless of time and place.

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  • Cobham Explorer 710

    Explorer 710 is at the forefront of a new era of high speed ultra-portable satellite streaming, it is a sophisticated communication tool for broadcasting and other IP based industry applications.

    The new BGAN high data rate service (HDR), coming in Q3, 2013. BGAN HDR is poised to set a new standard in live broadcasting, with expected streaming rates of around 650kbps at full channel. Combined with optimised codecs and the Explorer 710, this broadcasting solution will offer a radical step-change in video quality.

    The Explorer 710 will also introduce advanced features including the ability to bond the signals from multiple terminals via Ethernet and achieve IP streaming rate of 1 Mbps or even higher.

    EXPLORER BGAN is a series of L-band satellite terminals utilizing the BGAN network from Inmarsat.

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  • Cobham Explorer 325

    Come-on-the-move BGAN Terminal: Explorer 325 is a compact BGAN system for on-the-move communication. The system consists of three fully integrated units – a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna with magnetic mounts.

    Explorer 325 makes it possible to communicate on-the-move and ensure your ability to get the job done. Benefit from a fast connection and the confidence that it won't be interrupted when traveling through harsh environments.

    You can virtually be in your office in no time at all. Access VPN, catch up on email, browse the web; with fixed pricing and no roaming fees when you cross borders.


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  • Cobham Explorer 727

    High Speed Vehicular Broadband:
    For reliable and fast data and quality voice communication, even at high speed, choose Explorer 727, the BGAN terminal for vehicular use.

    It provides broadband on the move with speeds up to 200 km/h and gives full IP connectivity.

    The Explorer 727 is flexible in terms of attaching the antenna. It can be on the car or even 50 m from campsite enabling you to connect instantly. 

    EXPLORER BGAN is a series of L-band satellite terminals utilizing the BGAN network from Inmarsat.

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  • Inmarsat - Request Airtime

    Request Airtime for Inmarsat 

    It is easy to request airtime for Inmarsat products

    - Send us your specifications and we will send you a quote.

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