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  • DAMM BS421 Outdoor System – Single-Tech TETRA

    DAMM BS421 Outdoor System is a compact, rugged, lightweight, mast-mountable TETRA outdoor base station that comes with integrated software for full asset management and offers easy, unlimited integration of customized applications. The IP65 rating eliminates the need for special housing for cooling. Additionally, a very low power consumption makes it possible to run on solar power.

    DAMM BS421 is part of DAMM’s single-technology portfolio, but can be fully integrated into any of their multi-technology products.

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    The DAMM BS418 Indoor System is contained in a 19” rack and can be configured with up to 16 TETRA carriers in two racks, giving in total 64 time slots with access to all field replaceable units and terminals from the front. Excellent receiver sensitivity is achieved with the Tower Mounted Amplifier/Duplexer (TMA/TMD) by eliminating receiver cable loss. In addition, when used as a TMD it gives the possibility to operate with dual diversity using only two antennas.

    The DAMM BS418 Indoor System is also available as a high-power solution.

    DAMM BS418 is part of DAMM’s single-technology portfolio, but can be fully integrated into any of their multi-technology products.

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  • DAMM Rapid Deployable TetraFlex (RDT) - Single-Tech TETRA

    The RDT is a compact, lightweight unit with a low power consumption. Its internal battery offers independent power for more than two hours and can additionally be connected to solar-powered devices. Housed in a tough wheeled suitcase for maximum mobility, RDT offers a fully functional high-powered TETRA communication system that can be instantly deployed in any situation, making it ideal for disaster management, rescue operations and security services.  

    DAMM RDT is part of DAMM’s single-technology portfolio, but can be fully integrated into any of their multi-technology products.


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    DAMM's Field Mobile TetraFlex® (FMT) solution is a fully functional two-carrier TETRA communication system. The 19" modular cassette has been specifically designed for field-deployable solutions. Its convenient size and form mean that it can be easily built in to trucks, cars, containers or other mobile units.

    DAMM FMT is part of DAMM’s single-technology portfolio, but can be fully integrated into any of their multi-technology products.


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  • DAMM MultiTech Outdoor Base Station BS422

    The DAMM MultiTech Outdoor Base Station BS422 is a cross-technology one-box solution offering multiple technologies: TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and Analogue. This technology-independent solution features multiple carriers as well as simulcast in one box within either UHF or VHF frequency ranges. The BS422 can be set up as a stand-alone system. It can also be seamlessly integrated into any existing DAMM single-tech network such as networks based on DAMM BS421 outdoor and/or DAMM BS418 indoor systems. The BS422 is optimized for direct outdoor mounting eliminating the need for special housing or additional cooling. Other cost-saving features include plug-and-play installation as well as an extremely low power consumption making it possible to operate on solar power.

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  • Damm TetraFlex Network Management

    DAMM TetraFlex Network Management (NM) provides a user-friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimisation of the DAMM TetraFlex Network consisting of DAMM single-tech and/or multi-tech products. With the NM, correct operation of the whole network can be checked at any time to support high reliability and service for network users. A summarized list of statuses and alarms is automatically displayed and updated for all nodes in the system ready for detailed analysis. The NM application also allows backup and update of new software versions to all nodes in the system in one single process.

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  • Damm TETRAFLEX Dispatcher

    The DAMM TetraFlex® Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency in organizations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command, control and monitoring of radio communications. It enables communication with other dispatchers, with TETRA, DMR and Analog radios and DAMM TetraFlex PTT. Due to this cross-technology capability only one type of Dispatcher is needed in a multi-technology network. The Dispatcher includes monitoring features such as geofencing and discreet and ambient listening.

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  • DAMM TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System

    The DAMM TetraFlex® Voice and Data Log System instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice and data recording facilities as well as a wide range of logging facilities for Call Data Records (CDR) and is the ideal tool to reconstruct emergency incidents. The Voice and Data Log System includes multi-technology support – making it possible to run a mix of TETRA, DMR and analogue technologies with one log system.

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  • DAMM TetraFlex PTT for Android and iOS

    DAMM TetraFlex PTT is a smartphone application for secure business-critical communication across TETRA, DMR and Analog technologies – utilizing LTE or Wi-Fi. It is a low-cost alternative to expensive TETRA radios and is ideal for coverage extension. No radio gateways are required; DAMM PTT is a purely IP-based solution that operates independently of any radio infrastructure. DAMM PTT can be fully integrated into any DAMM system and can thereby be used with all DAMM TetraFlex Gateways and applications, like the Voice and Data Log System or Dispatcher.

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    The VHF FT5 TETRA radio provides all the key features you come to expect in TETRA such as high output power, full TETRA feature set and positioning. It is robust and shock resistant and its IP65 protection makes it ideal for outdoor use in wet and dusty environments. The radio combines the strength of TETRA with the wide coverage in open rural areas made possible by VHF frequencies. The VHF FT5 can be operated through DAMM’s MultiTech Outdoor Base Station in a VHF-only network or a network consisting of separate base stations using either VHF or UHF frequencies.

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