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  • Trbonet PLUS - Control Room Solution

    TRBOnet Plus is a purely IP-based dispatch application with capabilities far beyond just mere dispatch functions and features. This powerful solution enables a user to fully control and manage all available resources. The voice dispatch over IP feature is supplemented with text messaging, voice recording, telephone interconnect and many other features for much more efficient communication. Our customers may choose a single server installation or a distributed and redundant system. 

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  • Trbonet Enterprise - Control Room Solution

    TRBOnet Enterprise provides integrated fully-featured control over single and mutli-site or multi-channel systems. It supports all types of voice communication and data operations for IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus and Capacity Max systems by direct wireline or wireless interface with the MOTOTRBO network. TRBOnet Enterprise can be purchased from Neocom Software, while TRBOnet Plus is part of Motorola's Sold and Supported program.

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  • Trbonet Watch

    Watch is a client-server application which allows you to monitor a radio network remotely, thus eliminating the necessity for on-sites visits and significantly reducing travel costs.

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  • Trbonet Mobile Client

    TRBOnet Mobile is an application for Android and iOS devices that extends MOTOTRBO to tablets and smartphones. It works like a normal radio and delivers the most important information to the user device.

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  • Trbonet Swift IP Gateway A200

    The gateway supports all MOTOTRBO systems and can provide interface to analog or digital radios. It can be connected to both MOTOTRBO and certain non-MOTOTRBO gateway radios, as well as MOTOTRBO repeaters, such as DR3000 or SLR5500 working in the analogue mode.


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  • Trbonet Indoor Positioning

    Indoor Positioning is a powerful tool used for locating and tracking your radio units when GPS is not available, or when GPS information may not be accurate, for example, because of surroundings (tall buildings, trees and so on).

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    Panic Button on Your Smartphone

    This mobile application turns your Android or iOS smartphone into a personal safety device. The software has a simple and clean user interface with large programmable buttons. Designed to work in dangerous situations when every minute counts, TRBO.SOS allows you to send an alert to the dispatcher instantly. Along with a distress signal, TRBO.SOS sends information to TRBOnet about your location. Your smartphone will continue sending its location, which makes it easier for the dispatcher to track your movements until help arrives.

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