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  • Danpoint HF 2000 Series

    Cutting edge technology, durable and competitive, Danpoint HF is configurable for mobile or stationary use. Digital inside and software-defined.  
    New keyboard technology with user friendly layout and improved menu system. 
    Configurable for either mobile or stationary use. One unit, dual uses.
    Rugged, solid housing with extensive dust shielding. No moving parts.
    No noisy fan which can break down.

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  • Danpoint HF antenna - Lencom HF LB025

    Lencom LB025 Broadband Dipole Antenna for fixed station use.

    It covers the entire frequency range from 2-30MHz with a power rating of 125W PEP.

    No antenna tuner is required.

    As supplied, this antenna is suitable for erection in the Inverted V or Horizontal configurations.
    The Inverted V has the advantage of requiring only one main mast but Horizontal installations are slightly more efficient.

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  • Danpoint HF ATA

    Automatic tuning antenna for vehicles. Solid, reliable, relay based. The perfect match for the danpoint HF mobile.

    The tuning unit matches the antenna impedance to the 50 Ħ output impedance of the radio system, with a nominal VSWR of not higher than 1.4 in the 1.6 to 30 MHz frequency range.

    The spring located at the top of the tuning unit enables the mechanical flexibility needed in mobile operation.

    The 6 foot whip (picture) is made of fiberglass, with a wounded copper wire, and a plastic coating. 

    The antenna is mounted at M16 threaded rod flange.

    The tuning unit has a waterproof case and a shockabsorbing base. High voltage isolator placed on the top of the tuning unit provides connection to the whip section, with thread bushing.

    SO-239 connector provides connection to the danpoint transceiver (RF and supply).

    10 cm of ground cable is provided, attached to the tuner, plus 75 cm extension.

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  • Danpoint HF antenna - Long Wire Antenna

    The LB022 is the ideal antenna for any HF Antenna Tuning Unit that can tune a 20m wire.
    It can be deployed rapidly in the field, and suits permanent installations where space is limited.
    Any suitable structure or tree can be utilised for support, and the kit includes a rope and pulley for support at the far end.

    Available upon request

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  • Danpoint HF antenna - Near Vertical Incident Skywave kit (NVIS)

    The Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) kit is designed to improve HF performance at short range.

    It has a 12mm stud to suit springs with a 12mm thread.

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