SmartPTT Workshop

Recently, Danimex has held a 3-day workshop with its co-operation partner SmartPTT, hosted by Mr. Eugene Ermolenko from Elcom Plus LLC. 

During this workshop our engineers and our entire sales staff obtained valuable knowledge of the following topics:

  • SmartPTT PLUS vs SmartPTT Enterprise. 
  • Key differences and unique features
  • New in SmartPTT
  • Remote Gateway for Control Station RG-1000


  • SmartPTT Enterprise
    • IPSC configuration
    • RG-1000 remote gateway connection
    • Basic functionality review
    • New features overview
    • Custom Consoles Overview
    • Windows authentication
    • Web Interface settings
    • Android Mobile client connection
    • Bridging
    • Dispatcher cross-patch
    • Telephone Interconnect
    • Conference Calls


  • SmartPTT PLUS
    • NAI configuration for LCP
    • System Monitoring
    • Bridging
    • Telephone Interconnect
    • Permission Profiles
    • Connecting multiple LCPs through MNIS relay

This workshop gave us further insight into the latest features of a proven control room solution and we now can use this to enhance the end-user services.