African needs are shaping our organization 

Building communication systems across the continent
Danimex was established in Nigeria as a communications specialist more than 20 years ago. Since then we have earned a great reputation for accountability and technical knowhow, and evolved into an award winning diistributor of communication hardware and solutions with dealers covering all African countries.

Our view of Africa
To many outside Africa, it is a place for disasters of all sorts. That is because they have no way of knowing the real Africa, which we at Danimex have grown to love and respect.

At Danimex we see Africa as a string of highly individual nations, each offering hope for a better world built on positive energy.

We see the African habitat heritage as a jewel in dire need of protection. We do our bit by offering communication tools for wildlife protection.

We see national ressources of Africa as ressources to be accessed in a controlled and physically safe manner, and offer tools and systems to keep employees connected.

We see the African communities develop from historic villages into modern metropoles, challenging London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. We supply advanced TETRA based communication for rescue teams, for city authorities and broadband for the general population.

We se the African middle class of citizens developing. Demanding modern world solutions to fulfill modern world needs. We see the African consumers rise to match those of Europe, the US and Japan in terms of sophistication and economic power.

We see all this coming and we prepare ourselves to meet all the demands, which can be anticipated by such a great continent, - on the move towards the future.